Brake Light Overlay Decal for VW UP GTI

This decal covers the middle brake light to create a unique effect when you brake. 


Material: Made from professional grade, long lasting outdoor vinyl which will last up to 5 years. All of our decals are precision cut and come with application tape already installed.


Colour: Gloss black finish.


Options: GTI or custom. 

If you select custom , after you order has been placed we will contact you via email to get your custom text and font style requirements. We will send you a draft of the design for approval before making the decal.

Brake Light Overlay Decal for VW UP GTI

PriceFrom £4.80


Installing this decal onto your vehicle is a modification beyond the manufacturer's original specification and it may not be road legal. By installing this decal, you accept full responsibility for any consequences that may occur.

STEP 1 Clean the area where the sticker will be. (Do not use a glass cleaner or wax, it will leave a residue behind that will prevent the sticker from adhering well)

STEP 2 Carefully peel ⅓ of the backing paper off from the right end (with the circular whole). Line up the decal using the hole as a guide. Once in line with the edges and central, slowly press down. -If aligned incorrectly, very carefully peel off and start again.

STEP 3 Once the first end is in place, continue to apply the rest of the decal. - Work from right to left making sure that there are no air bubbles or creases along the way. 

STEP 4 Carefully remove the application tape from the detail in the centre.