Rear Reflector Blackout Overlay Decals for Cupra Leon / FR


These decals fit perfectly over the rear reflectors to create a blacked out effect whilst still reflecting strips of light. 


Compatible vehicle: 2017 - 2020 Cupra Leon / FR


Finish: Gloss black


Quantity: 2 (a pair)


Material: Made from professional grade, long lasting outdoor vinyl which will last up to 5 years. All of our decals are precision cut and come with application tape already installed, simply peel the transfer tape and apply.


*This decal fits on genuine OEM reflectors only, it is not suitable for aftermarket replacements.

Rear Reflector Blackout Overlay Decals for Cupra Leon / FR


STEP 1 Clean the area where the sticker will be. 

(Do not use a glass cleaner or wax, it will leave a residue behind that will prevent the sticker from adhering well)

STEP 2 Starting at the largest end of the decal, carefully peel off a small amount of the backing paper. (Do not remove the entire backing paper at once, peel it off as you apply to avoid creases). Line up the decal with the edges of your reflector and when ready slowly press down. 

-If aligned incorrectly, very carefully peel off and start again.

STEP 3 Once the first end is in place, continue to apply the rest of the decal.

- Work from one side to the other making sure that there are no air bubbles or creases along the way. 

STEP 4 Carefully remove the application tape from the detail in the centre.